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For Parents & Caregivers

We offer a variety of parenting workshops, hands-on classes, presentations and webinars that help parents learn new tools & strategies to successfully navigate their child’s developmental milestones from kindergarten all the way to their college years.

We offer a variety of workshops, hands-on classes, presentations and webinars based on a variety of topics such as:

    • Strong Minds™ Workshop
    • Authoritative Dolphin Kids™ Parenting
    • Managing Anxiety in your Home
    • Moving from a Helicopter to Dolphin Kids™ Parent
    • Perfectionism for Teens and Young Adults
    • The Power of Mindfulness

Parent Seminars in Mandarin & English:

Lily Jiang, Dolphin Parent Coach

Lily has completed masters courses in English, taught at the college level in China, and ran numerous workshops for SUCCESS Immigrant Services. She is passionate about supporting the Chinese-Canadian community and has successfully used the Dolphin Parenting principles at home with her three children.

  • Series Structure:
  • Four interactive 2-hour seminars in Mandarin.
  • Each eminar will consist of: 45-minute informative presentation (designed by Dr. Shimi Kang and Fudan University); 40-minute parent interactive activity; and 30-minute Q&A.
  • Includes four 2-hour seminars, Dolphin Parent book, email and online support.

  • Parents will learn…
  • Learn the downfalls of authoritarian tiger and permissive jellyfish parenting.
  • Understand the lasting benefits of authoritative parenting and how to incorporate this effective style.
  • Practice the key skills needed to thrive in our fast-paced, rapidly changing, and ultra-competitive 21st century world.
  • Learn practical everyday tools to raise healthy, happy, and successful children with essential future-ready skills.
  • Gain valuable community support and insights from a “POD” of like-minded parents and professionals.