If you would like to be part of an inspiring teaching & learning community, and play a significant role in helping children develop the mindset & life skills needed to reach 21st century success, we encourage you to consider joining our growing POD!


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Part-Time Instructors

Posted: December 7th, 2020 - Ongoing Recruitment


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    Instructor & Program Director

    "Being a Dolphin KIDS instructor has been an amazing experience for me, both personally & professionally. Through this role, I've developed my ability to implement social & emotional learning into my teaching practice, and also developed a passion for mental health & teaching children how to keep their brains & bodies strong. Every time I instruct a Dolphin KIDS program, I feel inspired because not only am I deepening my professional knowledge as an educator but I am also contributing to the education community by guiding children to practice important 21st century life skills."


    Summer Programs Instructor

    "I’m extremely glad to have been able to teach children the philosophy of POD and strategies that it offers to deal with the stresses of life. As the world continues to advance rapidly, the POD philosophy is more and more relevant as children are expected to do more and more. Adaptability, resilience, critical thinking, and general wellbeing are extremely important and these strategies will aid in their development."