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Dolphin Kids™ is a scientifically-backed, non-academic experiential learning program designed by mental health and child education experts to help kids, teens and adults develop the 5 key 21st century CQ™ skills for happiness, self-motivation and success.

Dolphin Kids™ incorporates the latest techniques and tools neuroscience has to offer in its curriculum, utilizing methods that enhance the child’s overall brain development. Our after-school and summer programs for kids are specifically designed for children starting from toddlers at age of 1.5 years to young adults in their high school and college years.

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The world has changed. In the future anything that can be automated, will be.

Future success will depend on 21st-century intelligence of CQ™, made up of five key skills: Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Contribution and Creativity.

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Dolphin Kids™ Innovation, Leadership and Resilience programs instill the 6 life skills that make success and learning E.A.S.I.E.R.

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Adaptability
  • Social Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Ethics
  • Resiliency

E.A.S.I.E.R. leads to the future-proof skills of CQ™ (Consciousness Quotient) and make your children happy, healthy and self motivated to take on the 21st century world! Like dolphins in nature, future leaders at DolphinPOD™ will become more adaptable and better equipped to navigate the ever-changing waters of our fast-paced, ultra-competitive and diverse world.

We provide a curriculum that is backed by the latest neuroscience and designed by a team of highly qualified education,mental health and child development specialists.

Based on the 3 unique pillars of Dolphin Kids™ learning:

P = Play and Exploration: coach-facilitated play through uniquely curated innovation and imagination stations of hands-on games, puzzles, gadgets, technology, art, drama, music and body movement.

O= Others (social connection): communication and collaborative leadership training through break-out sessions, teamwork exercises, role play and public speaking.

D = Downtime (stress management and wellness): attention and focus training, mindfulness exercises and cultivation of positive mental habits such as grit, gratitude and optimism.

The Dolphin Kids™ foundation is based on solid neuroscience, child development and behavioral research. Not only is every lesson based on real science, but the environment of Dolphin Kids™ – which incorporates natural sunlight and child-friendly materials, healthy snacks and positive body language and speech tones – are all grounded and supported by the latest scientific research.

In addition, exquisite detail and attention has been paid to translating this research into practical learning experiences for kids that are conducive to a child’s learning, development and applicable to a family’s everyday life.

The Dolphin Kids™ theory is based on the #1 national bestselling book parenting book ‘The Dolphin Parent’ (winner of the US News 2015 International Book Award in Parenting/Family) written by founder Dr. Shimi Kang. The Dolphin Parent has been recognized for its solid scientific research-based content, including a star review by the professional American Journal of Libraries, an in-depth feature by investigative journalists at Der Spiegel (Germany), and endorsements and translations by international academic institutions such as Fudan University (China).

This global critical acclaim for the Dolphin Kids™ method from notable organizations, as well as the thousands of patients whose lives have been positively impacted under Dr. Kang’s guidance, speaks to the philosophy’s strong scientific research, practical application, and ability to transcend cultural stereotypes and limitations.

Our Dolphin Kids™ summer programme offers a wide variety of activities that will encourage each child to enhance their creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and consciousness skills. The camps follow our POD structure (play, others and downtime). The children will get to experience a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Innovation challenges
  • Science experiments
  • Coding and robotics
  • Art activities (painting, drawing)
  • Building and construction activities
  • Yoga and meditation training
  • Outdoor and indoor play

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Of course! Our camps are open to every child no matter what school they go to.