Tools for Adaptability, Mental Wealth, and Social Connection in Times of Stress

What if we go beyond “surviving” these stressful times and instead, plan to come out stronger than ever?

– Dr. Shimi Kang

We’re in this together! We wanted to provide you with resources that will help make your transition back to school a bit easier. Please feel free to forward these resources to your friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you for joining our mission to raise smart, happy, strong kids!

Wellness Reset Webinar

Back-to-School Lesson Plans

We’ve created complete lesson plans for K-4 that can help teachers and parents facilitate conversations about managing emotions, positive coping tools, and strategies we can use to build strong classroom communities.

Module 1 Resources:

Module 1 guides teachers and students to discuss ways they can build a strong classroom community that is founded on the future-ready skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and contribution.

PDF Lesson PlanLesson SlideshowPDF Worksheet (K-2)PDF Worksheet (Gr. 3-4)

Module 2 Resources:

Module 2 focuses on building our emotional vocabulary and includes brain science links to our freeze, fight, and flight stress response. Students will learn how to recognize, name, and tame our emotions and feelings.

PDF Lesson PlanLesson SlideshowPDF Worksheet

Module 3 Resources:

In Module 3, children will learn why deep breathing is a powerful tool that can help us calm our minds and bodies when we feel scared, nervous, or anxious. 

PDF Lesson PlanLesson SlideshowPDF Worksheet

Module 4 Resources:

In Module 4, children will discuss the importance of play and how it is a powerful tool that can help us build our creativity and problem-solving skills. This module also provides opportunities for children to discuss physical distancing protocols.

PDF Lesson PlanLesson SlideshowPDF Worksheet (K-2)PDF Worksheet (Gr. 3-4)

Module 5 Resources:

In Module 5, children will practice building their social connections with others, and learn a few communication strategies using the “dolphin, tiger, and jellyfish” metaphors.

PDF Lesson PlanLesson SlideshowPDF Worksheet

Tips & Strategies for In-Class & Remote Learning

Review Dr. Shimi Kang’s K.E.Y.S to Success and other tips and suggestions for getting ready for back-to-school!

Click the image to download the PDF!

You asked some great questions during our live webinar with Dr. Kang! We also wanted to give you more tips and suggestions on these questions, so we went to our talented Dolphin Kids instructors to see what they had to say.

Click the image to read some of our instructor’s tips and suggestions!

Mental Wealth with Dr. Shimi Kang

Looking for videos that can start the discussion around COVID-19, anxiety, and mental wealth in your classroom? Check out Dr. Kang’s Mental Wealth videos on YouTube. Great discussion starters for Grades 8-12.

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Take a deep breath. YOU GOT THIS!