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Research suggests that when children learn more about the functions and basic inner workings of the brain, they learn how to control their emotions, behaviour, and thinking patterns. It is our mission to empower children with neuroscience education and positive coping tools that they can use to keep their minds and bodies smart, happy, and strong!



PLAY AND EXPLORATION leads to INNOVATION! Future leaders must be able to be curious, ask questions, challenge conventional thinking and create new ideas.

OTHERS leads to LEADERSHIP! Social connection and the ability to build positive relationships with others is an imperative skill for happy, healthy and self-motivated children.

DOWNTIME leads to RESILIENCE & MOTIVATION! To thrive in our fast-paced world, children need to learn coping strategies and stress management techniques early.



Consciousness Quotient is a new found intelligence, required for the wellbeing and success of all children and youth. It comprises of five complementary skill sets; Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Contribution.


Dolphin Kids™ is on a mission to raise smart, happy, strong kids! Our goal is to foster the foundation of mental wealth through social (others), emotional (downtime), and cognitive (play) learning tools. We provide unique research-based programs co-created by mental health and education professionals (psychiatrists, school counselors, and classroom teachers) that can be delivered directly to children, youth, parents, and educators. The latest, “kitchen-tested” social-emotional-cognitive methods for youth are utilized in the components of mindfulness, motivational therapy, social skills development, and more.

Our programs have been in the following schools:

Crofton House School

Fraser Academy

Meadowridge School

Mulgrave School

Queen Mary Elementary School

Southpointe Academy

Trafalgar Elementary School

Vancouver College

West Point Grey Academy

York House School

University of British Columbia Camps

Simon Fraser University Camps

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